Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Any project you build yourself is typically the cheapest. Sex toys are no exception. With a little lubricant and some creativity, sex toys for men can easily be created. Here are some ideas to put together homemade sex toys:

Household Items

  • Bar of soap. Drill a hole about the size of your penis into the bar, then penetrate.
  • Couch cushions or mattress. Place a plastic bag between cushions or underneath the mattress, apply lube, then penetrate.
  • Garbage bags. Securely tape a few large bags together, inflate them, then use that hole to quickly penetrate.
  • Sponges. Find a durable cup or tube a bit bigger than your penis, place sponges inside, then penetrate.
  • Warm water balloons. Roll and secure a pillowcase around them, place a plastic bag in between them, apply lube, then penetrate.
  • If you’re craving something new for your masturbation routine, a homemade pocket pussy is quick and easy to make. First, find a pair of socks, bubble wrap or anything else you might like to rub against. Place your choice into a toilet paper roll, an old shampoo bottle (after cutting off one end), or any other cylinder object. Apply some lube and penetrate.

    Produce Items

    • Eggplant. Insert a hole, add lube and penetrate. If you have time, you can go a step further and build a homemade pocket pussy: Take some warm vegetable flesh and place it in a plastic bag. Place the bag inside a cylinder, apply lube then penetrate. Depending on what you have available, consider using pumpkin or other vegetables with flesh-like insides.
    • Melon. Take a large honeydew or rock melon, make a hole in one side, microwave briefly to soften the inner flesh, add lube, then penetrate the hole.

    The cheapest sex toys you can enjoy are made from objects you already own. Experiment with homemade sex toys and let the thrill of saving money add to the excitement of your self-achieved orgasms.

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