Homemade Sex Toys for Women

For Vibration

Women have the advantage of finding the cheapest sex toys: they get clitoral stimulation from vibrations and massaging. So in reality, girls don’t even have to make a sex toy, they can utilize the functions of objects they already own.

  • Back Massager. Turn it on then gently rub your clitoris.
  • Cell phones. Change your call setting to vibrate, wrap your cell phone in plastic, place close to your clitoris, then continuously call your phone number.
  • Electric razor. Purchase a battery operated razor, turn it on, and rub against your clitoris. An easy homemade dildo can be made if you use the vibrating end for vaginal penetration.
  • Electric toothbrush. Purchase a battery operated toothbrush, turn it on, then gently massage your clitoris.
  • Washing machine or dryer. While the machine is on, wait for a cycle that rocks the machine gently. Then, position yourself on the machine where you get a clitoral massage.

Household Items

Look twice at the objects you have lying around and creatively make a sex toy from ordinary items.

  • Blanket. Holding one end secure with your feet, place the blanket between your legs. Tightly hold the other end with your hands then rock your pelvis for a clitoral massage.
  • Beach ball. After inflation, apply lube, sit on top of the beach ball and move on top of it to massage the clitoris.
  • Water balloon. Fill it with warm water, apply lube, and rock or rub on top of it.

Produce Items

You can easily make a sex toy by simply topping a vegetable with a condom. Who knew food could curb your sexual appetite too?

  • Banana. Apply a condom then vaginally insert.
  • Cucumber. Apply a condom and vaginally insert. If you have a wired vibrator, insert it into the vegetable before insertion. Try a potato, yam or anything with this shaped based on what is available.
  • For variety, add clitoral stimulators to your vegetable-based homemade dildo. Start by trying multiple baby carrots, celery stalks, or leafy vegetables.

When you’re looking for new and easy sources of stimulation, household items can be the cheapest. Sex toys for women are easily "made" by giving products you already own a new function. Based on what you might like to feel to reach an orgasm, take these ideas and creatively invite some cheap homemade sex toys!

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